CAP Partner helps associations develop their full potential
and position themselves as significant players within their
specific field of interest and expertise.

A central part of the services of CAP Partner is to secure the financial basis for activities by developing a realistic fundraising strategy and assisting the association in raising the necessary funds.

The Company

CAP is a contraction of Conference Organisation – Association Development – Project Management. Partner reflects that we always work in partnership with our customers. Our customers are mainly European scientific associations, interest organisations and healthcare institutions. CAP Partner was established by Henrik J. Nielsen in 1999 as a privately owned company. Today the company is owned Henrik J. Nielsen, Teresa Krausmann, Jan Kristensen and Bent von Eitzen.

CAP Partner offers

A dedicated and professional conference handling and consultancy, including all aspects of the conference to optimise the network opportunities and knowledge sharing before, during and after the conference.

Association services, including consultancy on organisational development, economy, PR & Public Affairs and general advise on the activities of the association.

Let us be your partner.


How we work


Knowledge is meant to be shared. Great ideas are meant to be disseminated, seized and translated into practice. Research is meant to be disseminated into the world, where it can inspire, and, in the end, benefit our society – locally, nationally and globally. 

But sometimes, one needs a helping hand for all of this to happen.

And that is precisely the hand we extend at CAP Partner. 

At CAP Partner, we support international researchers and associations across a wide range of industries in achieving their goals. The dissemination of knowledge is necessary for professionals to reach new heights, and for research to become more accessible. Our mission is to help create spaces for progress and knowledge sharing – and we have more than 20 years of expertise in doing so in close collaboration with our customers.  

CAP Partner’s three departments reflect our three expertise areas:

C: Conference organisation

A: Association development 

P: Project management 

This means that we at CAP Partner have the professional resources and competencies ready to help you increase revenue and engagement levels among members and stakeholders. Whether you just need help with organising a single workshop or are interested in a wholehearted and strategic transformation of your association, you can rest assured that we will bring your project from A to Z through our systematic and targeted approach. On time, on budget, on point. 

We say ‘Let us be your partner’ with the hope that we can help you facilitate progress towards reaching your goals and realising your potential as association.  


We support you in bringing together like-minded people so they can connect, network and be inspired.

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We help you increase revenue and engagement levels. Achieve higher membership satisfaction and membership growth.

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We bring your project from A to Z through our systematic and targeted approach. On time, on budget, on point.

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What Our COSTUMERS say

"We have had a good dialogue with CAP Partner throughout preparations leading up to the UIA World Congress of Architects 2023. The dedicated management’s continued focus on improving deliveries was of great importance. CAP Partner’s professionalism was evident in the unfolding of the four days event in Bella Center and around Copenhagen. Roles were clearly defined and everyone at CAP Partner executed with high spirits and expertise, problems were solved immediately, and the congress ran smoothly thanks to the diverse competencies on the CAP Partner-team.“

– Mette Lindberg, CEO of the UIA Congress 2023.

The understanding of the nature and demands of the conference which they demonstrated, and the enthusiasm and genuine involvement – which is needed to find solutions to challenges of all sizes – CAP Partner delivered in abundance. I could not imagine a better PCO.

– Mogens Niss, Professor in mathematics and didactics of
mathematics, dr. h.c., Roskilde University (RUC), Denmark

The CAP team did a tremendous job in planning, organizing and making everything run smoothly. Can't wait for the next chance to work together.

– Thor Ugelvis Petersen, VP at NIRAS, ISCE-11

CAP Partner has made a great difference for Soft OX Solutions by contributing to our strategic considerations and our planning with respect to clinical trials and regulatory issues. In addition, CAP Partner has brought us in contact with highly respected Key Opinion Leaders, supporting and boosting our continued development, and building a platform which has made it possible to reach out to investors.

– Geir Hermod Almas, CEO

All the participants I talked to were very glad about the scientific program and the conference organization. We had excellent lectures by outstanding speakers and the scientific level was excellent. It was also remarkable the success of the commercial exhibition (...) I also wish to extend my gratitude to all the members of the Local Organizing Committee and to the technical secretariat CAP Partner for their fantastic work.

– Prof. Javier Buesa
Immediate past president of ESCV. The European Society for Clinical Virology.

During my involvement in the European Wound Management Association, CAP Partner ensured our contribution to the EU agenda on wound care.

– Zena Moore, former EWMA President

Since 1997 I have been working with CAP Partner as organizers and advisers in relation to the development and organization of a wide range of projects and conferences. Currently, CAP is managing the establishment of a new Lymphoedema knowledge center at Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have always experienced CAP Partner as a very professional, dedicated, and skilled collaboration partner with great knowledge about organizational development as well as the health care system and different health professional areas.

Tonny Karlsmark, MD DMSc, Chairman of the Dermato-venerologic Department and Wound Healing Centre at Bispebjerg Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark  

Our approach


At CAP Partner, our close collaboration with our customers is always the focal point of our work. We strive to be a dedicated, loyal and professional sparring partner who always engages in qualified and open dialogue with our customers and collaboration partners. 

We work to achieve common goals, and we use more than 20 years of accumulated experience and expertise to do so. We approach every task with curiosity, and we always adapt our services and offers to the specific task at hand.  

We see it as our purpose to help create and facilitate progress and development for our customers — in terms of knowledge, finances, networks and sustainability.    

CAP Partner helps associations develop their full potential within their
specific field of interest and expertise.

We tackle the challenges standing in the way of progress

We are not afraid to ask questions that can help challenge old habits and create reflection among our customers. If it is standing in the way of development and improvement, it is necessary to at least discuss.

In our work, we ask ourselves questions like:  


How can we achieve the same level of attendance for an event whilst at the same time decreasing the use of carbon emission-heavy forms of transportation?


How can we achieve better and more inclusive representation among the keynote speakers?




How do we disseminate knowledge in a way that creates engagement beyond the physical event, so that even those who cannot afford to travel can still learn?

Examples of this could be live-streaming opportunities, educational social media campaigns and the development of e-learning modules.

CAP Partner case library congress organisation, conference organisation, project management, association development


We help clients facilitate progress and development — in terms of knowledge, finances, networks and sustainability.

On time, on budget, on point. 


Our team


Our team consists of experienced congress organisers, project managers, scientific officers, communication experts and sales specialists. We have the professional expertise and experience needed to ensure that researchers and associations have the necessary network and financial support to help drive new research and knowledge forward.    

A dedicated and professional conference handling and consultancy.

Meet our team

CAP Partner assists associations develop their full potential and position themselves as significant players within their specific field of interest and expertise.

A dedicated and professional conference handling and consultancy.

More about our values


As an officially certified Green Tourism Organisation, social and environmental sustainability are critical guiding principles for us. Being a part of a polluting industry, it is important to us to continuously try to manage our meetings and conferences in a sustainable manner, so we actively work to make more sustainable choices and help our customers see how they can do the same.   

As part of one of the most polluting industries, it is very important to us to continuously try to manage our meetings and conferences in a sustainable manner.

Sustainability certification

We are very happy and proud that our efforts to organize international conferences in a sustainable manner have now been recognized, and we have been awarded the official certification as Green Tourism Organization by Green Key International.

Sustainable actions

  • Minimise the use of plastic – e.g. we no longer use plastic holders for participant badges, they are made of paper only
  • We recycle all paper, plastic, metal and other recyclable materials
  • We recommend our clients to have less printed congress materials, and become more digital instead
  • We try to minimise the food waste by continuously adjusting catering orders. When possible, we recommend that conferences make registration fees lower and offer catering for purchase instead of including it in the registration fee.
  • When it makes sense, we urge our speakers to take the train instead of a flight
  • When possible, we organise it so that delegates use public transport or bike instead of organising conference shuttles
  • When possible, we choose the most sustainable suppliers we can find.
    Signed by Senior Management

    Managing Director
    Teresa Krausmann 


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