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We believe that a strong partnership between us and our clients will create excellent results – the below cases illustrate how!

Communication ecosystem for the European Wound Management Association

Improving communication activities

CAP Partner is the secretariat and conference organiser for the European Wound Management Association (EWMA – ewma.org). CAP Partner has built a communication ecosystem for EWMA by aligning and interconnecting its digital channels:

  • Website development, SEO, Google Ads
  • Social media
  • E-mail marketing
  • Podcasts
  • Animated videos
Increased website visibility through SEO and Google Ads

We have developed a website which is a go-to platform for various EWMA target audiences, where we have collected various content ranging from digital learning materials to practical information about the annual conference.

We suggested EWMA to increase their digital visibility and organic traffic on keywords related to their objective by being an educational resource within wound management.

We focused on creating increased organic traffic through SEO and Google Ads. We used both search engine and social media data and the organisation’s own records.


The interplay between Google Ads and improved organic placement plays a crucial part in creating more leads.

Advertising on Social media

We recommended EWMA to streamline and increase the volume of advertising on social media.
In this context, the most effective strategy was to create and use a Facebook pixel* to build a series of retargeting campaigns which partly increased brand awareness, engagement and drove traffic to their site.

In addition, we set up a number of relevant demographic-specific target groups and lookalike audiences. We used these audiences to spread messages to people who were not yet acquainted with the EWMA-brand.

*Facebook Pixel: A tool that allows you to track visitor activity on your website. It collects data that helps you measure, optimise and build audiences.


Over the past two years, Facebook has become a key marketing platform which has contributed to creating brand awareness as well as continuously increasing the number of newsletter-subscribers.

Central to success is the alignment of diverse projects and the close collaboration with key opinion leaders.

E-mail – an effective marketing channel

E-mail marketing strategies have changed over the years but remain a key player in any marketing strategy. EWMA wanted to improve their e-mail marketing strategy.

We implemented a responsive email design meaning that the user experience is optimised for multiple devices.

Instead of sending one e-mail to the entire database, we started working with segmented databases and content making e-mail campaigns become more targeted to the respective audience.

We created trigger-based mails generating even higher open rates and click-through rates than the traditional email campaigns.


The click through and open rate performance of the newsletter is above the average in the industry indicating that our content and formats are relevant for our target audience (scientists, healthcare professionals, industry representatives within MedTech).


We have launched the first series of podcasts in 2019 that feature key opinion leaders and touch upon the latest trends within wound management. We are liaising with the EWMA Committees on developing the program for the podcast’s series and the scripts. We are taking care of all the practical and technical details, where we help record podcasts remotely from around the world.

Animated video explainers

EWMA is an interdisciplinary association that has various focus areas, and it is important that its communication is aligned to different professional groups. We have created animated video explainers to make sure that complex clinical and scientific evidence is communicated in a comprehensive manner.

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