Professional conference organisation with people who care

As a Professional Congress Organiser (PCO), we focus on ensuring that the conference activities are in line with the objectives of the association. At the same time, we keep a close eye on the conference economy and  make sure all logistics are carried out according to the plans, giving the responsible parties more time to focus on the scientific content. By focusing on the conference economy, we often help associations increase their income. These funds may support additional activities of the association after the conference.

We can help you with:

  • Support for conference bids
  • Conference management
  • Financial counselling and management
  • Fundraising, sponsor & exhibition management
  • Communication, IT & marketing
  • Virtual conference management
  • Participant registration
  • Abstract handling
  • Venues & social events
  • Hotel administration & local transportation
It has been and continues to be a pleasure working with CAP Partner when organizing courses and scientific meetings. Everyone I have worked with at CAP is both friendly and professional, which are qualities that I value greatly. I can definitely recommend them!
Dr. John Paoli

MD, PHD, European Society of Micrographic Surgery (ESMS)

Conference Management

CAP Partner takes care of overall conference planning and coordination. We assign a conference manager to make sure every detail is perfect and nothing has been forgotten.

We also take pride in generating creative ideas that have the potential to make your conference and/or association stand out.

Support for
conference bids

If you wish to submit a bid for an international conference, we offer support free of charge.

We assist with all facets of bid development, including creating a budget and identifying options for the venue, hotels, and social events.

We are happy to collaborate with the local convention bureau during this process, as needed.

Financial counselling and management

CAP Partner takes full financial responsibility foryour meeting, handling all practical aspects related to budgets and accounts.

  • We prepare the conference budget and provide financial counselling.
  • We handle invoicing and expense vouchers.
  • We prepare the final balance and secure proper auditing.
  • We investigate opportunities for conference support provided by the conference city.

All account details, such as expense vouchers, invoices, etc. are shared with the local organising committee.

Fundraising, sponsor & exhibition management

We identify potential sponsors, in collaboration with the local organising committee.

We prepare the Sponsor & Exhibitor Manual, including choices and pricing for different sponsorship opportunities.

We negotiate with sponsors, aiming to establish a collaboration that benefits your association and its sponsors equally.

Our goal is to secure continued sponsor collaboration, and we also make sure all applicable ethical guidelines for collaboration are met.

We handle all practical arrangements related to sponsors and exhibitors, before, during, and after the conference.

We believe that each conference should generate income that will support your association’s other projects. Therefore, our approach to sponsorship often reaches beyond the conference.

IT & marketing

CAP Partner handles all aspects of conference communication, from the conference website to marketing and PR. Alert for new media opportunities, we provide custom solutions for your conference.

  • We create your conference’s website and provide website maintenance.
  • We ensure all relevant materials are available online, before and after the conference.
  • We use social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and closed network forums, to facilitate participant networking and disseminate information before, during, and after the conference.
  • We arrange presentation and event webcasts, extending your conference’s audience and afterlife. We also enable online file sharing of conference documents.
  • We handle participant marketing via email and social media.
  • We handle press relations, arranging meetings with the press and providing promotional materials during the conference.
  • We offer a conference smart phone app to facilitate communication, networking, and individual programme planning before, during, and after the conference.

“We have organised several international conferences in many parts of the world and therefore have good relations with conference venues and conference suppliers in many different cities and countries.”

Contact our

Conference organisation services experts

Teresa Krausmann

Managing Director, Partner

Hanne Kvalheim

Congress manager

Do you know the feeling?

Your conference generated lots of ideas for future activities,
but nobody took the initiative.

We can help you drive the agenda forward.

Participant Registration

CAP Partner provides an efficient online registration system. We take pride in addressing any participant needs and questions that arise before, during, and after the conference.

  • We establish and maintain an online registration database.
  • Our services include establishing bank accounts, negotiating credit card agreements, and handling debtors.
  • We convey practical information and reminders to participants. We also handle all individual participant requests.
  • On-site, we provide name badges, create participant lists, and handle registration.
  • If desired, we can also provide statistics on conference participants.
  • VIP handling is available for speakers and board members.

Abstract handling

CAP Partner handles all aspects of abstract submission, tailoring our services to the size and needs of your conference.

  • We are happy to suggest guidelines for abstract submissions and presentations.
  • We provide administrative support for abstract submission via an online submission system
  • We provide support for the abstract review process by generating abstract overviews, statistics, and an online review system, as needed.
  • We handle all correspondence with abstract submitters.

Venues & social events

CAP Partner ensures that conference/social event venues meet your association’s requirements, financially and in terms of space and atmosphere.

  • We provide guidance on choice of venue, carefully considering size, location, and service level.
  • We conduct price negotiations with the venue and contractors, handling agreements related to catering, technical equipment, staffing, etc.
  • We maintain contact with the venue during and after the conference, to ensure that all services are delivered as agreed.

Hotel administration & local transportation

We identify and manage bookings of suitable accommodation options for conference participants. We can also arrange
transportation between your conference’s locations.

We identify different categories of accommodation and handle all hotel bookings, including reservations and cancellations.

We work with local suppliers to arrange transport, according to the conference programme.

We organise travel arrangements for speakers and VIPs and arrange airport pick-up.

Courses & Conferences

CAP Partner’s engagement in the conferences listed below is of varying nature: Ranging from overall planning
and coordination to assisting in fundraising.

15 January 2021


26 February 2021


15 February 2021


9-11 June, 2021

Copenhagen, Denmark

14 June, 2021

Fredericia, Copenhagen

17 June 2021

Copenhagen, Denmark

24-26 August 2021

Amsterdam, Holland

6-9 October 2021

Pisa, Italy

13-16 October, 2021

Copenhagen, Denmark

27-31 October 2021

San Francisco, California, USA

October 2021

Paris, France

15 November 2021

Copenhagen, Denmark

27 November 2021

Eindhoven, Netherlands

16-18 November 2021

Copenhagen, Denmark

19-20 April 2022

Copenhagen, Denmark

NeuroRehab 2022

19-22 April 2022

Copenhagen, Denmark

20-21 May 2022

Copenhagen, Denmark

15-18 June 2022

Copenhagen, Denmark

11-16 July 2022

Copenhagen, Denmark

September 2022

Copenhagen, Denmark

28 September - 1 October 2022

Stuttgart - Liederhalle, Germany

October 2022

Bratislava, Slovenia

October 2022

Pisa, Italy

October 2022

Copenhagen, Denmark

14 November 2022

Copenhagen, Denmark

Past Conferences

CAP Partner’s engagement in the conferences listed below is of varying nature: Ranging from overall planning
and coordination to assisting in fundraising.

11 November 2019

Copenhagen, Denmark

7-8 November 2019

Copenhagen, Denmark

November 2019

The Netherlands

17-19 October 2019

Los Angeles, USA

2-5 October 2019

Pisa, Italy

1-5 October 2019

Copenhagen, Denmark

15-18 September 2019

Copenhagen, Denmark

13 September 2019

Malmö, Sweden

12-14 September 2019

Naples, Italy

11-14 September 2019

Copenhagen, Denmark

11-13 September 2019

Copenhagen, Denmark

30 August 2019

Jönköping, Sweden

7-11 July 2019

Glasgow, Scotland

24 May 2019

Gothenburg, Sweden

22-25 May 2019

The Hague, The Netherlands

13-17 May 2019


European Association of Fellows in Wound Healing (EAFWH), 1st Educational Course part 1

3-4 May 2019

Copenhagen, Denmark

28-29 March 2019

Gothenburg, Sweden

8-9 March 2019

Svendborg, Denmark

28 February - 2 March

Copenhagen, Denmark

FSLA National Training Seminar 2019 (Fagligt selskab for Lunge- og Allergisygeplejersker)

31 January - 1 February 2019

Copenhagen, Denmark

16-18 January 2019

Vejle, Denmark

Annual Meeting of Dansk Dermatologisk Selskab (DDS)