About us

The Company
CAP Partner was established in 1999 as a privately owned company in which Henrik J. Nielsen is the CEO and majority owner.
CAP is a contraction of Conference Organisation - Association Development - Project Management.
Partner reflects that we always work in partnership with our customers.
CAP Partner offers
A dedicated and professional conference handling and consultancy, including all aspects of the conference to optimise the network opportunities and knowledge sharing before, during and after the conference.

  • Association services, including consultancy on organisational development, economy, PR & Public Affairs and general advise on the activities of the association.
  • Professional project management of a wide range of projects such as establishment of knowledge centres, educational activities and data collection. 

CAP Partner assists associations develop their full potential and position themselves as significant players within their specific field of interest and expertise.

A central part of the services of CAP Partner is to secure the financial basis for activities by developing a realistic fundraising strategy and assisting the association in raising the necessary funds.

Our strategy is based on an analysis of the association and its stakeholders. Based on this, strategies for a continuous development of the association’s network and objectives is proposed, funded and carried out in cooperation with CAP Partner.

In most cases, CAP Partner offers a “no-cure no-pay” model, making it possible for a client to enter the collaboration without any financial risk.

Our customers
Our customers are mainly European scientific associations, interest organisations and healthcare institutions.

For some of our association clients we provide full secretariat service, taking care of all activities and continuous development of the association. For others we work as a core PCO, organising all national and/or international conferences of the association.

For institutions such as hospital departments we work as consultants within organisational development offering support on the establishment of knowledge centres or management of research activities.