The 11th International Conference on Scour and Erosion (ICSE11)

Client: 11th International Conference on Scour and Erosion (ICSE11)

CAP Partner’s work at ICSE11

"The CAP team did a tremendous job in planning, organising and making everything run smoothly. Can't wait for the next chance to work together.“

– Thor Ugelvig Petersen, Vice President at NIRAS

"Have to say: Our Team who helped organising ICSE-11 this week, not only had a great time but were also introduced to a new (for CAP Partner) scientific topic that is, as many of our conferences very important for our world. Great stuff to work with experts."

– Teresa Krausmann, Managing Director at CAP Partner

"As a project manager for the conference, I found it incredibly exciting, especially because offshore energy is a new scientific frontier for CAP Partner. It's a topic of immense global significance, and the collaboration with all our partners and exhibitors was not only seamless but also enriching. Together, we are making waves in addressing critical global challenges."

– Annika Friepörtner, Project Manager at CAP Partner


CAP Partner aimed to host a successful and impactful conference but encountered the following organisational obstacles:

Key challenges included:

  • Limited Resources: The client had a limited budget and a small team to organise a conference of a significant scale. This created constraints in terms of venue selection, marketing efforts, and the overall quality of the event.
  • Venue Selection: Finding an appropriate and cost-effective venue that could accommodate many participants while offering the necessary facilities for presentations, workshops, and networking proved to be a significant challenge.
  • Scheduling and Logistics: Coordinating multiple sessions, speakers, and workshops required meticulous scheduling. Ensuring that everything ran smoothly during the event was a logistical challenge, from registration and check-in to session transitions.


    CAP Partner stepped in to assist the client in addressing these organizational challenges. Here’s how we tackled each of these obstacles:

    Some of the solutions included:

    • Resource Optimisation: CAP Partner conducted a thorough analysis of the available resources and helped the client make the most of their budget. We prioritised expenses, negotiated with vendors, and identified cost-effective solutions for various conference elements.
    • Venue Selection: We leveraged our network and experience to identify a suitable venue that met the client’s budget constraints while providing the required facilities. This involved site visits, negotiations, and logistical planning.
    • Logistical Support: We provided on-site support during the conference to ensure that all logistical aspects, including registration, audio-visual setup, and session management, ran smoothly. CAP Partner’s experienced team managed the day-to-day operations of the event.


    The results of CAP Partner’s involvement in this conference organisation were as follows:

    • Successful Conference: Despite the initial challenges, the conference was a resounding success. It attracted a diverse audience, with over 180 participants, and received positive feedback from attendees, client and speakers.
    • Increased Efficiency: The conference was well-organised, thanks to CAP Partner’s support. Session transitions were smooth, and attendees had a positive experience throughout the event.
    • Cost Savings: By optimising resources and vendor negotiations, the client achieved cost savings that allowed them to invest in other aspects of the conference.

    This case study illustrates how CAP Partner’s expertise in conference organisation helped the client overcome significant organisational challenges and achieve a successful and impactful event.

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