Project management services


Initial project phase

  • Defining and describing the project, including budget, timeline, goals and benchmarks.
  • Developing financial models and mapping fundraising possibilities.
  • Identifying project partners and establishing the basis for cooperation.

Execution of project plan

  • Conducting fundraising activities, including production of sponsor information and organising sponsor meetings
  • Establishing relations with partners and stakeholders
  • Day-to-day management of the project; including keeping timelines and mile stones, follow up on requests etc.
  • Defining target groups
  • Dissemination and implementation of the project via newsletters, journals, websites etc.
  • Marketing & promotion activities

Follow up activities (secure project continuation or impact)

  • Mapping relevant targets for publication/presentation of project results (secure the maximum impact or implementation of the project outcome).
  • Advocacy activities aiming to secure project impact/recognition of results by relevant stakeholders.
  • Statistical research and surveys
  • Establishment of e-learning solutions (in relation to educational activities): Online tests and certification

The relevance of the above mentioned services depend on the type of project and degree of involvement of CAP Partner.