Future conferences

CAP Partner's engagement in the conferences listed below is of varying nature: Ranging from overall planning and coordination to assisting in fundraising.


16th Congress of the Nordic Spinal Cord Society (NoSCoS)

11-13 September 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark

European Society for Clinical Virology 2019 (ESCV)

11-14 September 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark

1st International Kv7 Channels Symposium 2019

12-14 September 2019, Naples, Italy

European Society for Organ Transplantation 2019 (ESOT)

15-18 September 2019, Copenhagen Denmark

World Muscle Society Annual Congress 2019

1-5 October 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark

Diabetic Foot Global Conference 2019 (DFCon19)

17-19 October 2019, Los Angeles, USA

Nordic Course on Skin Surgery

7-8 November 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark

Congress of the Danish Microbiological Society (DMS)

11 November 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark


FSLA National Training Seminar 2020 (Fagligt selskab for Lunge- og Allergisygeplejersker)

Marts, Denmark


Annual meeting of Dansk Dermatologisk Selskab (DDS)

2020, Vejle, Denmark

Congress of the Danish Microbiological Society (DMS)

2020, Copenhagen, Denmark

European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP)

15-20 March 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark



International Turfgrass Research Conference (ITRC)

11-16 Marts 2021, Copenhagen Denmark

WundD.A.C.H Kongress

September 2021, Austria

Congress of the European Council for Enterostomal Therapy (ECET)


FEMS 2021 - 9th Congress of European Microbiologists


31st Conference of the European Wound Manageent Association (EWMA)

May 2021

European Hernia Congress

26-29 May 2021, Copenhagen, Denmark

Congress of the Danish Microbiological Society (DMS)

November 2021, Copenhagen, Denmark