Communication, IT & marketing


CAP Partner handles all aspects of conference communication, from the conference website to marketing and PR. Alert for new media opportunities, we provide custom solutions for your conference.

  • We create your conference’s website and provide website maintenance.
  • We ensure all relevant materials are available online, before and after the conference.
  • We use social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and closed network forums, to facilitate participant networking and disseminate information before, during, and after the conference.
  • We arrange presentation and event webcasts, extending your conference’s audience and afterlife. We also enable online file sharing of conference documents.
  • We handle participant marketing via email and social media.
  • We handle press relations, arranging meetings with the press and providing promotional materials during the conference.
  • We offer a conference smart phone app to facilitate communication, networking, and individual programme planning before, during, and after the conference.