Future conferences

Cap Partner's engagement in the conferences listed below is of varying nature: Ranging from overall planning and coordination to assisting in fundraising.



Annual Meeting of the Danish Geriatric Society
10-11 March 2017, Svendborg, Denmark

NERA 2017
23-25 March 2017, Aalborg, Denmark

The 3rd European Congress on Tattoo and Pigment Research
28-30 March 2017, Regensburg, Germany

NPOG-NSA (Nordic Pediatric Ophthalmology Group)
18-20 May 2017, Rungsted, Denmark

International Lymphoedema Framework Conference 2017
21-24 June 2017, Siracusa, Italy

5th basic Nordic Course on Skin Surgery
16-17 November 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark

Polar and Alpine Microbiology Conference (PAM)
7th International Conference on Polar and Alpine Microbiology
8-12 September 2017, Nuuk,  Greenland

WundD.A.C.H Kongress
28-30 September 2017

European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel Meeting (EPUAP)
20-22 September 2017, Belfast, United Kingdom

Pisa International Diabetic Foot Course
4-7 October 2017, Pisa, Italy

5th International Biofilm Course

26-27 October 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark

Congress of the Danish Microbiological Society
13 November 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark


Annual meeting of Dansk Dermatologisk Selskab (DDS)
17-19 January, Vejle, Denmark

FSLA National Training Seminar (Fagligt selskab for Lunge- og Allergisygeplejersker )
Marts 2018, Denmark

International Council of Nursing (ICN) Middle East

Biofilms 8
27-29 May 2018, Aarhus, Denmark

Charcot Foot Course 2018
4th International Course on the Neuropathic Osteoarthropathic Foot
June, 2018

13th European Nitrogen Fixation Conference (ENFC)
18-21 August 2018, Stockholm, Sweden

2nd European Congress of Medical Physics 2018 (ECMP)
23 - 25 August 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark

15th Scientific Meeting of Diabetic Foot Study Group (DFSG)
September 2018

37th Annual Meeting of The European Bone & Joint Infection Society (EBJIS)
September 2018

Pisa International Diabetic Foot Course
October 2018, Pisa, Italy

3rd Nordic Diabetic Foot Symposium 2018
October 2018, Helsinki, Finland

Congress of the Danish Microbiological Society
November 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark



FEMS 2019 – 8th Congress of European Microbiologists

16th Congress of the Nordic Spinal Cord Society (NoSCoS)

11-13 September 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark